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Editorial Policy

The Journal of Cross-Civilizational Sociology is an on-line journal welcoming articles from all members of the academic, political and corporate community. It is published quarterly. We encourage articles that fall within the goals outlined by the Institute of Cross-Civilizational Research and Dialogue. Articles need not be limited to comparative civilizational sociology or political science but can be focused on discussions of aspects of a given civilization and the problematic of dialogue within that civilization (or culture). The general objective is to increase understanding of how cultures change and to what point they can be mutually influential. We seek articles that are relevant to the real problems of the world.

Format of Articles

While we seek articles that are theoretically and empirically sound, we wish to avoid sacrificing clarity, timeliness and relevance through an insistence on countless citations and long reviews of literature. Consequently, we welcome articles that have a strong narrative argument and which use references to existing literature in order to help complete and deepen the thesis being presented. Authors who wish to provide extensive reviews of existing literature in order to be of service to the intellectual commuity are asked to include a separate "recommended readings" list at the end of their article, following the references section, or a series of footnotes.

Length of articles: 2000-5000 words. Please submit as Word documents.

Recommended Articles Links

Since the purpose of the Institute is to create a data-bank of information, the Journal includes a section of links to recommended articles published at other sites. The authors of these articles, and the institutions and journals sponsoring their work, are not affiliated with this Institute.

Please submit article queries and manuscripts electronically as word documents to:

editorial/journal of global and cross-civilizational

We respond to queries within fourteen articles within 30 days.

Spring 2003: Vol 1, No. 1

Books of the Month:
Dennis Altman: Global Sex -
a comprehensive discussion of the role played by sexuality in global politics and the effects of globalization on the shaping of human sexuality. Altman's book encourages writers on globalization to include sexuality and sexual morality as an integral part of political science and sociological analysis.

D. Held, A. McGrew, D. Goldblatt, and J. Perraton: Global Transformations.

Recommended Study:
Arjun Appadurai, Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization (Publisher's Statement)
Review by Imre Szeman
Study Questions Regarding Appadurai's work
Part-Whole Conceptions of Culture

Recommended Articles:
Samuel P. Huntington: The Clash of Civilizations?
Norbert Elias: Civilization as a Process
Douglas Kellner: Globalization and the Post-Modern Turn
Francis Fukuyama: Economic Globalization and Culture
K.N. Waltz: Globalization and Governance
Hans Kochler: Philosophical Foundations of Civilizational Dialogue

Philip H. Gordon: Bridging the Atlantic Divide (Foreign Affairs Magazine)


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